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Related post: practical chemistry an illustration of a method for obtaining a heat suf- ficient to melt the neck Order Medroxyprogesterone of a glass flask or to apply " Hermes' seal." An eopile with a curved neck drawn to a small bore directs a current of steam against the flame of a candle. This " Globus yEolius ad sigilla- tionem Hermeticam aptus" forms a substitute for the mouth blowpipe, and seems to anticipate the " hot blast " (Page 769.) Saccharologia, darinnen erstlich von der Natur qualiteten, niitzlichem Gebrauch und schadlichem Missbrauch des Zuckers. Darnach wie von demselben ein Wein massiger starcker Getranck Brandwein und Essig als auch unterschiedliche Art hochniitzlicher Medica- menta damit konnen Buy Medroxyprogesterone bereitet werden, beschriebcn und angezeiget wird. Rostock, 1637. pp. [xxiv]-i90-[xliv], i2mo. Salazar, a. E., y C. Newman. Examen quimico y bacteriologico de las aguas potables. Con un capi- tulo de Rafael Blanchard sobre los animales parasitos introducidos por el agua en el organismo. Obra ilustrada con 127 grabados, 16 fotomicrografias, y 5 fotogramas de cultivos. Londres, 1890. pp. xix-513. Plates. The preface is dated : Laboratorio de la Escuela Naval, Yalparaiso, iSgo. Blanchard's essay occupies pages 375 to 502. SECTION V. CHEMISTRY, PURE AND APPLIED. 797 Saler, Hieronimus. See Brunschwick, Iheronimus. Salet, George. Traite elementaire de spectroscopic. Paris, 1887. 8vo. Salmon, William. * Polygraphice : or the arts of drawing, engraving, etching, limning, painting, washing, varnishing, gilding, colouring, dying, beautifying and perfuming. In seven books. Exemplified in the drawing of men, women, lanskips, countreys and figures of various forms ; The way of engraving, etching and limning, with all their requisites and ornaments ; The depicting of the most eminent pieces of antiquities ; The paintings of the antients ; Washing of maps, globes or pictures ; The dying of cloths, silk, horns, bones, wood, glass, stones, and metals ; The vernishing, colouring and gilding thereof, according to any purpose or intent ; The painting, colouring and beautifying of the face, skin and hair; The whole doctrine of perfumes (never published till now), together with the original advancement and perfection of the art of painting ; And a discourse of perspective, chiromancy and alchymie. To which also is added : I. The one hundred and twelve Buy Cheap Medroxyprogesterone chymical Arcanums of Petrus Johannes Faber, a most learned and eminent physician, translated out of Latin into English. II. An abstract of choice chymical preparations, fitted for vulgar use, for curing most diseases incident to humane bodies. The fifth edition, enlarged with above a thousand considerable addi- tions. Adorned with xxv copper sculptures ; the like never yet extant. London, printed for Thomas Passinger at the three Bibles on London Bridge ; and Thomas Sawbridge at the Three Flower de Luces in Little-Britain, 1685. pp. [lxvi]-767, 8vo. Portrait of Salmon, plates and an illust. title-page. Salomon, F. Systematischer Gang der qualitativen Analyse. Braunschweig, 1878. 8vo. Buy Medroxyprogesterone Online Salomone-Marino, Salvatore. L'acqua tofana, notizie raccolte. Palermo, 1882. 8vo. Saltonstall, W. An Inaugural Dissertation on the chemical and medical history of Septon, Azote, or Nitrogene, and its combinations with the matter of heat and the principle of acidity. New York, 1796. 8vo. 798 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Salvetat, Louis Alphonse. ' Lemons de ceramique professees a I'Ecole centrale des arts et manufac- tures, ou Technologic ceramique comprenant les notions de chimie de technologic, et de pyrotechnic, applicables a la fabrication, a la synthese, a Order Medroxyprogesterone Online I'analyse, a la decoration des poteries. Paris, 1857. 2 vols., i8mo. Cf. Ebelmen, J- J- Salzer, Carl Friedrich. Bleyzucker-Fabrikation (Die) in ihrem ganzen Umfange. Karlsruhe, 1820. 8vo, Fabrication (Die) des Leims. Heilbronn, 1842. 8vo. Neue Entdeckungen das Meerwasser . . . mittelst der Luftpumpe trink- bar zu machen. Heilbronn, 1834. Neues Verfahren das blausaure Eisenkali fabrikmiissig zu bereiten. Heilbronn, 1842. 8vo. Neueste (Das) . . . Verfahren der Schnell-Essigfabrikation . . . Heil- Purchase Medroxyprogesterone Online bronn, 1833. Versuche liber die Schiesspulver. . . . Karlsruhe, 1824. Versuche zu einer neuen Verdunstung . . . nebst einer Abhandlung das Meerwasser auf eine ganz einfache Weise trinkbar zu machen. Heilbronn, 1833. 8vo. Sammluxg acht hundert und Purchase Medroxyprogesterone sieben UNO fOnfzig chymischer ExpERiMEXTE einer
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